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Having successfully rolled out the Intel® Teach Getting Started Course in Africa, we have supplemented the Professional Digital Skills Passport with a unique, purpose-built course for educators allowing educators to be confident technology users. It is a tried and tested program that helps subject matter teachers who have little to no computer experience acquire technology literacy skills and develop 21st century approaches to teaching and learning. The course infuses student centred approaches through the latest educational technologies and equips educators with skills and knowledge to apply blended learning, distance learning and flipped classroom teaching and learning approaches. Educators are given practical approaches to apply and develop competencies in integration of technology through the SAMR model.

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Digital Skills

Professional Digital Skills Passport Modules

Getting Started Online

This course is aimed at teachers who are starting to use technology in the classroom for the first time.

It focuses on the basic skills a teacher requires to teach successfully in the 4th industrial era.

The course has practical elements, in other words, you need to create and upload documents to be successful.

Please ensure you have enough time to complete the activities.