Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSP?

Digital Skills Passport (DSP) is a new (an) End-User ICT Skills training programme helping people around the globe to learn new digital skills and to thrive and prosper in an increasingly connected world.
We believe that anyone can become a digital skills expert – as long as they are taught in the enjoyable way and with a methodology that is suitable to their individual learning style.

Where can I take the DSP courses?

You can take them anywhere you wish at any time. Study at your own pace: at home, in the office, on the road. The various ways of receiving the content allow you to take the courses on nearly any mobile device or just a normal computer.

Can I take the course in one place and continue in another?

Yes you can do your course anywhere in the world at anytime and at your own pace.

When can I start the DSP course?

You can start anytime you want, just contact us.

Where does Digital Skills Foundation operate?

We believe that anyone should and is able to use a computer today in an efficient way. The question is how you use it and what you do with it. We also believe in lifelong learning to increase your competencies either for you as an individual, or as a company/institution. We work in all countries with companies, institutions, governments, schools, universities and individuals.

How do I contact Digital Skills Foundation?

Send us an e-mail.
We respond within 48 hours to your question.

Do I have to have basic digital skills to follow the course?

No, you do not and we will accompany you to ensure that you start from scratch if needed. We have a learning platform that allows you to step in at any level you require and allow you to progress to a professional level.

What does the DSP course cost?

The local Digital Skills Foundation Partner will be able to give you that answer. Contact us to connect you with the local partner closer to you. Send us an e-mail.